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Sedation Dentistry

sedation-dentistry-innerWhat is Sedation Dentistry?

Visiting the dentist is not easy for some, and access to sedation dental procedures to have even routine cleanings performed is a must. Thankfully, when sedation dentistry is used in combination with a professional environment designed to make patients feel comfortable, the experience is relaxing for the patient. In fact, the deep-sleep state that is utilized often leaves patients feeling surprisingly refreshed when the appointment is completed.

Types of sedation dentistry we use

One of the primary concerns of many patients seeking sedation dentistry is making an appointment with an office that only offers one type of sedation. To ensure you get the type of care you were anticipating, we offer oral sedation or intravenous sedation in the arm or hand. We fully discuss each method before administering them to patients to reduce anxiety.

Commonly asked questions about sedation dentistry

A popular question sedation dentists often hear is whether or not the patient will actually be asleep during a procedure. In some cases, the patient does fall asleep and that is completely normal. Regardless, in most cases, a minimal amount of sedation is used to keep the patient relaxed — but still alert enough to be able to respond to questions during the procedure.

Are you a good patient for sedation dentistry?

When a patient is afraid of the dentist or needles, they are quickly alerted by their dentist that sedation works best for them. The same is true for patients with certain medical conditions that make sitting in the dentist’s chair unbearable. However, patients that have sensitive teeth or a quick gag reflex will also find sedation helpful.


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